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In our world where energy is one of the most important points, ERES carries out serious studies for efficient use of energy, minimizing the use of fossil fuels, and optimum use of electrical energy, reaching better points every day.

The use of natural gas has also been minimized in the facility, where the use of coal and similar fuels has been completely zeroed since the first day of its establishment. In addition to improving the product quality by peeling the bark of all the wood used in production, it also obtained a large amount of biofuel and minimized foreign dependency as a company.

By using the hot gases emerging in some systems in production as combustion air without sending them to the atmosphere, it both purifies it from harmful substances and recovers it as energy.


Endless Respect for the Environment

adopts production methods that are healthy and do not destroy the environment by making use of the latest technology opportunities available in the world. It also mathematically proves that we have achieved our goals by making serious investments in on-line emission measurement systems that can be monitored instantly on the internet in their chimneys.

In our country, where it is obligatory to dispose of waste boards and similar materials, which is the main problem of the industry using boards, special services are offered especially to the furniture industry, and free of charge collection of wastes from the source is recovered in the facilities, providing a great convenience to furniture manufacturers and protecting them from their costs.

ERES, which carries out similar studies on packaging wastes and non-hazardous wood wastes, is the industry leader emphasizing the importance of recycling.